Thursday, October 4, 2018

Watching the Sunrise

Chris and I are on a early-October, last fling of the summer, get-away.

Sunrise over the Lake
October 4, 2018
I did something this morning that I have not been able to do in a long time. I was able to sit on the end of a dock and watch the sunrise over the lake.

It was a bit chilly, but watching the world transition from dark to light is one of the things that I enjoy the most. And sitting in the very edge of a dock over the water with a 180degree view of the sky, and the clouds as the sun begins to light the sky from below the horizon is stunning, especially when there are some clouds to reflect the first rays downward.

The Sun Rises for Another Day
October 4, 2018
The deepest colors are earlier in the dawn, but as time progresses, the sky becomes alive as more of the clouds begin to reflect the light onto the still dark surface.

I love the way that the colors reflect on the waves sending the light directly to my eyes.

It is amazing how quickly the sun pops up over the horizon once it begins, but the anticipation of waiting almost an hour for it to rise is well worth the effort.

I got a bit chilly. I saw the birds wake and begin flying over the lake and squawking at each other to find the perfect place to land.

Another day is at hand.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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