Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday Musings - April 9, 2018

April 8, 2018
Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge Beach
April 8, 2018
1. Sadly, today begins my last full day in Florida. Tomorrow it is back to the gray and cold of the northern states. 

2. Vacations are nice, especially when the most difficult question has been, which beach should we go to?

3. The Orioles have possibly righted the listing Birdland ship by taking a 4-game series from the Yankees 3-1. They are now 4-6 for the season, but sadly are close to my 7-10 prediction for the first 17 games. 

4. There has been something really great about walking outside and being greeted by warm, moist weather. 

5. The Masters provided a fantastic finish yesterday. Golf can be riveting with nail-biting finishes. 

Jupiter Island, Florida
Squadron of Pelicans
Jupiter Island
April 5, 2018
6. My big question for the day, should I play golf or go to the beach this morning?

7. Annoying habits of other drivers on the road: pulling in front without signaling. It would seem that in today's environment of increased distracted driving that people should win a Darwin Award for doing this. 

8. Watching the birds on the beach is a relaxing pastime. The pelicans have been flying in large flocks all week long. We usually only see them in small groups, but this week we have seen flocks (squadrons) numbering more than 40. 


As Trump Seeks Way Out of Syria, New Attack Pulls Him Back In - The New York Times

North Korea Said to Offer Direct Assurance It Will Discuss Denuclearization - The New York Times

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Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

"My foremost responsibility is our national security, just as it is the prime duty of Congress to appropriate the necessary resources to keep our defenses strong. This is our duty, not only to America but to the cause of human freedom. It's also our job to make sure that every tax dollar we spend, we spend well."
Radio Address to the Nation on the Defense Budget, March 1, 1986

-- Bob Doan, writing from Tequesta, Florida

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