Sunday, April 8, 2018

Another Day, Another Beach

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge Beach
April 7, 2018

It was another idyllic day in Florida during the month of April yesterday. That meant another trip to the beach to enjoy the sun and surf. The beach of the day was the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge Beach on Jupiter Island. 

Fishing on Hobe Sound Beach
April 7, 2018
The trip to the beach was planned to take advantage of the morning before the other beachgoers arrived. Being Saturday, we actually experienced some crowds at the beach as we were departing about 1PM. 

As we arrived, the beach was principally the domain of those fishing for the bounty of the sea. In chatting with the various fishermen, I learned that they were only catching frustration that morning. No one had caught anything meaningful. It was a very interesting view along the water looking at the poles lined up. I should have taken and image of that same view later because the poles had been replaced with beach umbrellas.

Beach Essentials
I had some time, while sitting on the beach, to compose a beach image of essential items.

Beach trips require a number of things, among them flip flops, beverages, umbrellas and a good view. 

We were well supplied yesterday. 

Tubular Dog at West Palm Art Show
And, since drones are not allowed in the National Wildlife Refuge, there are not corresponding drone images to share. Radio Flyer had to stay in its travel case back at the house. I learned an interesting legal tip about drones in the refuge. It is illegal to even possess a drone in the refuge whether flying it or not. I was smart enough to talk to the ranger BEFORE I took my drone to the refuge. I had read that flying the drone in the refuge was illegal, but I didn't know that even possessing one was illegal as well.

So while I view my drone as an essential beach item, knowing where it is allowed is equally as important.

During the afternoon we headed off to West Palm Beach for an art show. I have to confess that I was impressed by the artists--however, one piece really made me smile. I was this tubular dog who was lifting his leg. 

Another day is on tap and my Spring Break vacation is rapidly coming to an end. I wonder what we will do today?

-- Bob Doan, writing from Tequesta, Florida

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