Friday, April 20, 2018

Cold on the Diamond

The GORC Dodgers played a baseball game last evening.

Jax at Bat on Saturday
It was cold! Too cold. 

It is really hard to play baseball when it is cold and over the course of the game it got colder. According to the weather history for Crofton, where the game was played, the temperature was about 47 degrees when the game started, but the wind chill was closer to 40 degrees. By game's end, the temperature was 44 degrees, but the windchill had dropped to about 37 degrees. 

It was cold, but the guys persevered. It was hard to concentrate on baseball. 

In the end, the Dodgers squeaked by the Crofton Orioles 7-5. It was not a pretty game, but the pitching held up. This game went 5 innings, which is longer than the opening day 4 inning game. Both games were ended due to the time limit.

Jackson, for his part, played a solid game. He put the tag on a runner at third for an out on an attempted steal and had some solid hits. 

It was so cold, I don't think anyone took pictures of the event. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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