Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Leaving Paradise

Me on the Beach
As the jet took-off from Ft Lauderdale this morning shortly after 6AM, I was struck by the hard reality that my beach time had come to an end.

Sadly, a real end. 
The Ocean (Left) and Intercoastal (right)
Radio Flyer in the Skies
April 9, 2018

Yesterday I was on the fifth different beach of our vacation, flying Radio Flyer, my drone, in the bright warm sunlight. Today I was flying out of Florida under the over of darkness!

What a difference a day makes. At 9AM I was standing in the 30-degree weather at BWI waiting to be picked up and ushered home.

It is always great to be home, but this time I would be greater to stay warm.

Jupiter Lighthouse
April 9, 2018
We visited the Intercoastal Waterway Beaches yesterday. Radio Flyer made a great first flight, but then the day began to cloud and the winds began blowing at unsafe speeds.  

In the evening, we celebrated the end of another great Florida vacation by enjoying a couple cold ones at The Square Grouper and watching the weather form around the Jupiter Lighthouse.

It is over.

I didn't even have time to write the blog this morning, but I did edit the video on the plane.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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