Saturday, April 14, 2018


Yesterday was one for the record books. 

It is a day that will never repeat in all of its interesting permutations. 

The Cake! 
Beginning with the obvious--

It was April 13th.

It was Friday, hence it was also Friday the 13th.

It was Thomas Jefferson's birthday! Just throwing this in, because the most important aspect of the day is yet to come.

The Teenager
It was Ethan's 13th birthday! 

Our oldest grandson became a teenager! While the party was somewhat subdued, I am sure the next few years will be exciting.

In addition to the combination of 13's, the weather for the day was spectacular. The high was 87 degrees and the skies were clear. The day was a taste of more to come, but after a similar day today, it will be over 10 days before we see temperatures in the 80's again. 

The day was a unique combination of 13s and weather. And now, since we have successfully made it past the 13th--cue Springtime.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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