Friday, September 29, 2017

Washer Repair

The Inner Tub as Removed
Spider Arms are gone
The Inner Tub with
Spider Arms Replaced
I am in the middle of a fairly extensive repair project. The washing machine has been down for three weeks while the parts have been arriving. 

The machine is currently in pieces in the basement. I started the repair last evening, hoping that I could finish the repair before bedtime. I was mistaken. The machine is fully apart and the broken parts have been identified. Fortunately, I ordered the correct replacement parts. 

I had planned on changing the inner and outer bearings and I also took a chance and felt that the spider arms might have been damaged that support the inner tub. I was correct. It looked as if the spider arms supporting the inner wash tub had exploded once I had the washer apart.

I was able to get the bearings out last evening and so I am in the rebuild mode today. Install the bearings, change the gaskets and put it back together. With some luck, it will work!

I love projects. This one is saving me about $800--the difference between the cost of a new washing machine and the parts I bought.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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