Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Musings - September 18, 2017

Louis Protesting the Closing of the Pool
1. September is singing the praises of autumn. The leaves are falling everywhere. 

2. I closed the pool yesterday, with some help. I was happy to get it closed because the leaves are already falling from the trees, they look like big snowflakes falling to the ground. 

Leaves Falling on the Closed and Covered Pool
3. Closing the pool makes the ending of summer a reality.

4. Sports from Sunday: Winners: Orioles (not that it matters much), Ravens, Steelers, Redskins. Losers: Cowboys.

5. New puppies are a lot of work. They are cute and playful which almost makes up for the added work.

Our Dogs
Makayla and Finnegan
6. The weekend's 80 degree days were an enjoyable respire from the colder 60s and 70s we have been experiencing.


U.S. warns that time is running out for a peaceful solution with North Korea - The Washington Post

Amid Opioid Crisis, Insurers Restrict Pricey, Less Addictive Painkillers - The New York Times

A Potent Fuel Flows to North Korea. It May Be Too Late to Halt It. - The New York Times

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

"So, remember, in this vast and wonderful world that God has given us, it's not what's inside the Earth that counts, but what's inside your minds and hearts, because that's the stuff that dreams are made of, and America's future is in your dreams. Make them come true."

Remarks at Convocation Ceremonies at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, September 20, 1983

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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