Sunday, September 24, 2017

End of Day Celebration

Fire pit in the Evening
Celebrations come in many forms. They can range from exuberant and loud to quiet and pensive.

Last evening, Chris and I celebrated the end of a busy and productive day around the fire pit in the yard. 

One of the tasks during the day was to saw some of the larger limbs which had fallen from the trees into usable size firewood. We were able to enjoy the fruits of that labor as a hot fire coming from the fire pit. 

Chris and Finn
Finn, our new Yorkie puppy, was there with us for part of the evening. We enjoyed the fire so much that instead of cooking dinner, we ordered pizza to eat by the fire. 
After Darkness has Fallen

At one point during the evening, a fox ran by us. I think he was confused to see people in the yard after dark. Chris had heard the screams while I was away retrieving the pizza and the fox appeared from the brush just as I was returning. It was a interesting sight to see the fox run from me, but within about 15 feet of Chris as she was sitting in her chair by the fire.

It was a perfect ending to a day which has seen me make two trips to the landfill and perform an assorted number of tasks around the house.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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