Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Week with Puppy

Finn Chewing on a Too Big Bone
It has been only a week since Finnegan arrived, but it seems longer.
Cat, not ours, Keeping a Close Eye on Finn

Life at home has changed with the arrival of the small dog. He provides comic relief while also adding additional work to the daily pace of life. Chris is bearing most of the burden, but then she receives most of the attention from the small ball of fur.

My recent experience was not so exciting--or maybe it was. I had to retrieve Finnegan and Makayla from Tina and Patrick's house, they were dog sitting yesterday, and I forgot and drove Cat, the Jaguar. It was an interesting ride home with the top down but the windows up to prevent an inadvertent escape. I was holding Finn and keeping a close eye on Makayla. We made it home without incident.
Looking out the Door for Chris

Last evening we took Finn to Happy Hour with us. He was excellent in his behavior and was the star of the evening. Well, almost everyone, the cat of the house was not so amused to have the small dog running around. Fortunately, he does not chase cats. I fear that would end badly.

I am not sure who has the worst separation anxiety, Chris or Finn.

Call it an interesting week with puppy!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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