Sunday, September 3, 2017

Some Assembly Required

Grill Assembly Underway
I sometimes enjoy new projects.

Yesterday we procured a new grill. Chris and I don't buy new grills very often, but the old one had developed a hole in the firebox and the flame was no longer being contained. There was was a definite safety issue involved.

Supervisor Riordin in the Background
I am unsure how long we had owned the older one, but it was a good number of years and it had come to the end of its useful life.Chris had wanted to replace it for a couple of years now, but I had resisted.

Grills are one those items that rarely come assembled! There is some assembly required and that was definitely the case yesterday. 

Assembly Complete
I actually enjoyed the project because I was watching  Maryland defeat Texas in college football as I was putting the grill together. As can be seen from the image, I also had some help, Riordin supervised the process. 

The project went smoothly and I actually had all of the parts required. It seems that often I wind up a bolt or a washer short--but not this time. Everything went together flawlessly and the wordless instructions were generally clear. 

Dinner was cooked on the new grill and I was amazed at its efficiency. The old grill had trouble getting to and maintaining temperature.  I had to keep turning the new grill down--it is far more efficient.

Another "some assembly required" project successfully completed.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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