Saturday, December 26, 2015

Remembering Yesterday

What a fantastic day yesterday was--as it played out.

Ethan and Jax around their tree
We had to run the air conditioner to battle the warm temperatures and mostly the 100 percent humidity. I was seriously thinking of putting on shorts and sandals, why? Just because I could. It was warm and too humid. I was just happy that it was warm!

Even Riordin Likes Christmas
We managed to keep the water from coming in, mostly. There was a small leak around one "almost" closed door as the skies opened up and deluged the land. We probably would have received snow measured in feet had the precipitation not been in the form of rain.

Thank you for the rain.

I wore an aloha shirt for much of the day, except for the family picture because the guys had decided to wear ugly football team sweaters. When we were planning, it seemed like a good idea. 

Mom and Dad Opening Gifts
The day started early, by 7 AM Chris and I and my Mom and Dad were with Ethan and Jackson and Nicole and Mike as they celebrated the day. It is always fun to watch the boys open gifts around their own tree.

Chris with a new Poncho
Then, by 9:30 we were back at the house for our own celebration and then making preparations for the big events of the day: dinner and celebrations. Everyone was present for the family picture--which went well. Jeremy and Nicole and Lucas spent the whole afternoon celebrating with us and thanks to P&T for stopping by, I know how tough it is to make everyone happy on big holidays.

At one point during most of the day there were two drones flying around the house terrorizing unsuspecting people and animals. It was really funny to watch. One drone looked like the Millennium Falcon while the other had a more traditional appearance.

I am happy to report that no injuries were noted.

The highlight of the day? Well, the entire day was a highlight. It is that simple (or complex). The whole family was together and the celebration was a day long affair. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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