Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Old Guy Down

I had a scary experience while leaving work yesterday afternoon in the rain. Crossing one of the streets, the crosswalk ends with a slight incline that I know is slippery even when dry. Yesterday in the rain, it was even more slippery.

Elbow Damage from Fall
Even though I was being careful, I slipped and fell landing on my left hand, left elbow, and left hip. It is amazing how quickly it happened and how the actual event occurred is slow motion.


Another person came over and immediately asked if I was OK. I got up and said that I was fine, even though my hand, elbow and hip were banged up. I was surprised how much the pavement hurt my hand even though there was no obvious damage.

My pride was hurt the most.

The voice in my head was screaming, "Old guy down in the parking lot!"

Fortunately, I am mostly OK. I skinned my elbow, but I played racquetball last evening and don't seem to have any lingering pains this morning except for the usual ones I wake to every day.

Note to self--be MORE careful! Actually I think I slipped because I was being careful.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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