Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ides of December

Not My Trees--But Similar
We are halfway through December. The dark season is in full swing with two months remaining. 

I raced home after work yesterday to enjoy 45 minutes of daylight!

And then it was gone. 

At least it was warm and I could enjoy walking outside. Except that the rain had started. Fortunately it was not snow.

The landscape is becoming so bleak--the trees are bare, but the grass is still green. I think playing golf on Sunday was a much needed shot of outdoors. If only there were a way to play more.

Maybe a Bit Larger than I Need
I looked ahead at the weather forecast for Christmas. I believe that I can safely say that there will NOT be a white Christmas in the Baltimore area. A rainy Christmas almost assuredly, but not white.

Too bad about the rain--that will keep the fleet of new drones that many people will receive grounded. Although I don't know what I'd really do with one--I'd like a drone, too. And even big enough to have to register it under the new FAA rules.

Aha, the joys of Christmas! I remember when I was a boy and I received the bicycle of my dreams on Christmas morning. It was awesome, except that I couldn't ride it until April because of the snow in Upstate NY.

Ides means the middle day of the month. I thought it was the 15th for all months, but there seems to be some discussion about that.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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