Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tales of Horror: New Appliance Installation

The phrase, "No good deed goes unpunished" has been playing over in my head a lot during the past few days.

It seems as if for every positive action there is an equal and negative reaction. 

Yesterday, for instance, our new dishwasher was being delivered and installed. The installation was planned for a day when Chris would be off from work due to a holiday and everything looked good. . . 

Until 2:15 PM, when I received a panicked call at work that the new dishwasher was too big and we were going to have to take the floor up to get it into the space. Ugh!

I raced home and the installer had started the task of removing the flooring, except that he was using a saw!!!!! Nooooooooo. The floor needed to be taken up one board at a time so that it could be reinstalled. 

The situation was a bit tense and I forgot to take a picture of the magnitude of the mess with the ripped up flooring and the new and improved dishwasher barely sliding into place. But it did.

Fully Installed Dishwasher
 with Restored Flooring
Once the dishwasher we installed and the mess cleaned, my task was to reinstall the flooring. Important safety tip--keep extra pieces of flooring around from the installation! I knew I had some extra pieces from the installation many years ago and so I was not too concerned that some of the existing pieces had been trashed. 

After about two hours of work, the final product looks good as new! Thank goodness a good friend taught me how to install wood floors a few years ago and so I knew some of the tricks to get it tight.

Good deed? New dishwasher for Chris
Punishment? Salvaging the flooring
End result? All good!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD 

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