Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Musings - September 28, 2015

1. It is the last Monday in September! I find it hard to believe that the month will end in two more days.

2. The birthday weekend is over and now it is back to regular life.

3. Going back to work after a week away can be really stressful.

Weird Image
4. I wonder what this means? Do the plants need screens? Wow, do those windows look clean!

5. The Orioles went to Boston this weekend looking at stealing a wild card spot in the post season. They came home with those dreams dashed after scoring 0, I mean zero, runs in three games. It may not be over, but the fat lady is not only warming up, she is forming the notes and words to begin singing.

Patuxent Greens Golf Course
September 27, 2015
6. It is unusual to see a fox, especially on the golf course, but it happened yesterday. It was a bit startling to see the fox and a bit disconcerting about how close it got to Mike and I as we were golfing. True, I had hit my ball and it was not on the fairway.

7. Darwin Award nominee. A man tried to kill a spider with a lighter at a gas pump. It ended poorly.

8. I have an Orioles game tomorrow night It will be the last game that I attend this season and it is likely that the Orioles will be mathematically eliminated form the post-season on that night.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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