Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Take: Another shutdown, Really?

The end of September means the end of the US Government's fiscal year (FY). We will be putting FY15 to bed on September 30th and welcoming FY16 on October 1st.

And it could be another unenjoyable new fiscal year for the country.

There is already talk of another, yes another, government shutdown!

Loss of services, loss of prestige, and more importantly loss of jobs that will contribute to an economic slowdown.

According to the referenced Washington Post article, the probability of another government shutdown ranges from well over 50 percent to as high as 70 percent! No one is estimating the probability to be less than 50 percent!!

From my perspective, a government shutdown is a another example of how Congress fails to discharge its Constitutional requirements in a timely manner.

We are one-third of the way through September, time will tell during the next 20 days whether the Congress can get one of their most important jobs done and fund the government so that services can continue to be provided to the people.

Let's hope the government does not shutter its doors.

We will all be embarrassed, again!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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