Friday, September 11, 2015

Slow Down in the Fast Lane of Life

Racing out of the gym after some uninspiring racquetball early yesterday morning I realized that I had forgotten something that I needed to take to work and that would force me to detour back home to get it before pointing my car towards the place where I spend 8 hours or every week day.

Not the Clouds I Saw Yesterday
I was frustrated that I had been so forgetful.

The total added time to my daily trek was going to be all of 15 minutes! But it seemed that it was an important 15 minutes. I tried not to be too upset about the detour, but I hate forgetting things.

As it turned out, I was rewarded for my forgetfulness by a spectacular display of the rising sun and the clouds which greeted me as I made my way to work. It was a stunning sight, big puffy clouds with pink highlights. 

I wanted to take a picture, but it is really tough to take a picture while driving on a jam packed, morning rush highway. Being a safe and rational driver overcame my desire to give it a shot. But I enjoyed the morning for the better part of my trip because I drive east and the clouds were right in front of me.

I was rewarded for slowing down and taking a moment to look skyward.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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