Thursday, October 2, 2014

To the Moon and Back

I heard a story on the Today show the other morning that caused me to stop and reflect. 

The story was titled 

Boy, 6, asks people to 'shine lights to moon' to honor fallen vet dad

The story brought tears to my eyes, thinking about six year old Darren Baysore who would never see his war hero Dad again. But, the Darren and his Dad had special connection through the moon which the he has used to keep his memory alive.

Randomly the other day, Lucas, my youngest grandson, started singing the song about the moon that I wrote for Patrick when he was young. I had forgotten about the song, but the words are as follows and I think it is appropriate:

Mister Moon

Mister Moon
Up in the sky
Looking at me
I'm looking at you

Mister Moon
Up in the sky
Following me
I'm following you

Mister Moon
Sing me a song
Don't make it long
Or I'll forget it

Mister Moon
Up in the sky
Smiling at me
I'm smiling at you

There is a second verse--but you get the idea. The tune of the song is cute and I will video Lucas next time he sings it and add it to the blog.

I hope six-year old Darren Baysore still hears his Dad talking to him from the to the moon and back. And, turn your porch light on!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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