Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Election Time is Upon Us

The ads for the candidates are mounting on the television.

My boredom with the candidates increases because they apparently are afraid to tackle real issues.

In my area of Maryland, I know that one candidate wants to be governor because  I shouldn't trust the other candidate. And I know the other candidate will make a good governor because his daughter says so!


The race for the congressional seat is a yawner. I have never heard of the candidate opposing the incumbent.  When I reviewed the ballot this year for my polling place, three elections have only one name, meaning they are running unopposed.

Issues? What are the issues?

There are a bundle of them and apparently the candidates at all levels are hoping the electorate doesn't have any issues.

I have a few: continually increasing taxes AND fees! An increased fee is a hidden tax! And then there is the issue of what is the state doing with the windfall revenue from the casinos? Much of it was supposed to go to schools and horse racing (believe it or not) but the schools remain funded by ever increasing taxes it appears. The state is doing a slight of hand by using the revenue from the casinos to fund school but reducing the amount of funding from the general fund--net difference ZERO!

What happened when the electorate becomes disillusioned? 

I believe two bad things happen:

First, people do not vote.

Second, those who do vote elect single issue candidates who do not represent the best interests of the people.

My advice--get out and vote two weeks from today. If you are happy with the way things are, return the incumbents. If you are unhappy--then find a candidate with a more global view of the issues and get them into office so that we can begin to repair the broken political system of this country.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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