Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Storms and Days

Storm over the Atlantic 2013
The hot days of July have turned into days of storms and more storms. Some ferocious storms have passed through the area bringing with them rain, but high winds which have been damaging trees and subsequently power lines in the area.

As the dog days deepen, the All Star Break has arrived to remind me that summer is passing. I notice that summer flies by almost effortlessly, while winter lingers indefinitely overstaying its welcome with every additional day. 
4th of July Fireworks

I must slow down to enjoy the day and savor its coming and subsequent passing.

They pass so quickly that unless I take time to notice them, July will quickly become August and then September and then summer will have come and then gone.

Each day needs to be savored and enjoyed like a fine wine. Each event deserves to be recorded and remembered not for future posterity, but to remind me later, during the cold days of the dark time, that there was a summer and that it was grand. Because, during the dark times, I forget the warm, sultry days of July when the sweat rolled off my forehead and I savored the hot, stinging rays of the sun beating on my back.

Slow down July. Your passing will come too soon. Allow me to linger here a few more minutes to enjoy my favorite month of the year.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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