Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anniversary or Reunion--A Celebration

The Gals
Sometimes we just need a good reason to get the entire clan together to reconnect and reestablish relationships and contacts.

This weekend would be that weekend--a celebration of 60 years of marriage creating a great reason for the entire family, with only very few exceptions, to gather.
The Guys

Last evening the partying really got underway, as the majority of the family had arrived, with a festive meal around the pool where the kids were playing and the "not kids" were taking and interacting.
Mom and Nicole

It was really great watching everyone interact during the day. 

The pool received a great workout. At one point I believe it would have been possible to walk across the pool on the floaties.  But the kids were having a lot of fun and I enjoyed watching them have fun. 
Kids in the Pool

Today promises to be an even more full day as the gathering expands to include a few who had not yet arrived yesterday. It should be more exciting than a three-ring circus. Exhaustion should ensue about nightfall.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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