Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Walk in the Silver Creek Gorge

Behind Silver Creek Falls, Oregon
I grew up in Upstate New York,  an area blessed with waterfalls and gorges. Beautiful places to hike and spend time discovering, around every turn some great aspect of nature and of life. 

Yesterday was a return to my youth, but in a very new place and with some spectacular results. To say it was fun is an understatement. 

Silver Creek South Falls

The day began with a walk around one block of pinot noir vines in the Willamette Valley Vineyard. What better way to start the day than hiking around the vineyard to enjoy the world as the vines wake up. The day was clear and spectacular and the morning a bit cool--which was fantastic.

After breakfast it was off to the Silver Creek Gorge and the State Park after the same name to hike the trails. 
View Across the Vineyard towards the
Willamette Valley Vineyards Tasting Room and Guest House

We chose an easy four mile hike which allowed us to vies two spectacular waterfalls. The beauty of this trail is that it was designed to also go behind the falls, an experience that I do not often get to enjoy. 

Armed with really cool cameras, we captured the experience in many different forms.  The panoramic shot is neat. Click on it to enjoy it.

And then so is the video from behind the Lower South Falls.

It was a beautiful couple hour, four mile hike. hike on the trail.

Another awesome day in Oregon.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Turner, Oregon

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