Friday, July 11, 2014

A Date for the Game

Ethan and Poppop Heading for the Game
I look forward to attending Orioles baseball games. I am a partial plan season ticket holder and that means that I sometimes get surprised about having tickets to particular baseball games, because I didn't pick the date or the team I will be viewing.

That just makes it more exciting. Especially when the Orioles are sitting atop the American League East with a 2.5 game lead to start last evening and by ending the night with a win--they increased their lead to 3 games.
Orioles Park, July 10, 2014
From My Seat

It gives me great satisfaction when I can say, "the American East Division leading Orioles" because that means that the team who shall remain nameless from the north, and the dreaded Red Sox are both behind the Orioles in the standings.

Due to a series of weird circumstances, I could not find anyone to attend the game with me last evening until the very last minute. Ethan was the lucky stuck to attend the game with Poppop. 
Selfie at the game

Ethan and I attended a game together about two years ago--it was a rainy night, similar to last evening, although there was over an hour delay for the start of that game. Last evening the game started on time--which is normally a good thing, however, the City of Baltimore has found a new and creative way to bring traffic to a total standstill which meant the usual 25 minute drive to the stadium took over an hour and a half! Ugh. We arrived at our seats for the bottom of the second inning!

It was an exciting game, however, the concession stands were not prepared for the crowds and I missed an additional inning and a half of baseball while standing in line for a crab cake. My grandson is not a cheap date, it seems. 

But despite the late arrival, long lines, and occasional rain during the game--it was an awesome evening. I admit we did leave when victory seemed assured with the Orioles coming to bat in the bottom of the 8th inning to beat the crowds and because my date was tired. All told, I think I was in my seat for 4.5 innings of the 8.5 inning game.

We had fun and Ethan told me that he had a great time and would like to do it again! He is also the Orioles Lucky Charm--they have won every game he has attended except one. He will definitely be attending playoff games if the Orioles make the post-season. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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