Friday, May 30, 2014

The World Wars - History Channel

Who am I to cast aspersions on the History Channel for one of their mini-series?

OK, I'm a nobody, but I'm gonna make a judgement here.

I watched all three evenings of  The World Wars mini-series and I question the historical accuracy of the effort.

First, I liked it--it was well produced and had the glitz to connect with today's viewing public.

But, I question many of the historical "facts" presented.

Did Patton and McArthur ever really meet on the battlefield during WW1? History says they actually did meet, but Patton was shortly after during the US campaign during WW1 and the war ended while he was recovering rather than he and McArthur being the heroes that overthrew the tyranny of the Germans and single-handedly won WW1. The images of Patton riding a tank into battle like some calvary trooper almost akin to Custer were just a bit too much to be believed.

I felt the series had a distinctly US slant and was not a balanced representation of the efforts of the allies during the two wars.  I saw no mention of Field Marshal Montgomery, precious little about Eisenhower, and no mention of George Marshall.

The series indicated that the Sicily Campaign during WW2 was almost all Patton--when in fact Eisenhower had overall command and Patton was only one force moving through Sicily with British General Montgomery commanding the other.

And the historical inaccuracies go on and on. It seemed every time a four engine bomber was pictured--regardless of which side the bomber was assigned to, it was a B-17. I love the B-17, but it was not active in the European theater during 1940. 

Overall, I thought the series perpetuated the myths that have persisted for so many years. Myths like that the US forces won WW1. Likewise, it was an allied effort that won WW2--not a sole US effort as the series would suggest. They say the victors write history, but in this case the revisionist history is almost too much to bear.

Another writer also agrees with my view of the mini-series and points out more historical inaccuracies in rant against the mini-series

I was, therefore, disappointed by the historical interpretations presented by the mini-series.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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