Saturday, May 24, 2014

Home from the Past

A long, long time ago and in a very different time of our lives we lived in a small house on a street in Aurora, Colorado. We were there for 18 months during the late 1980's in between Air Force assignments to Omaha, Nebraska, and San Angelo, Texas. 

I stopped by that house during my recent sojourn to Denver, yes on the same day as the incredible hailstorm. I wanted to get a picture of the house and recall some of the memories. 

I remember installing the garage door opener. I wonder if that original opener is still functioning. I watched playoff baseball with Jeremy-- including the end of the 16 inning thrilling win by the New York Mets over the Houston Astros on Chris's birthday. That threw a kink into the celebration. The afternoon game went almost 5 hours.

There was also an incident where one of the glass panels by the entry door broke due to a flying object from inside the house. We replaced both panels and it appears that they remain intact to this very day.

And then there was the ill-fated Halloween where shortly after visiting the first house, in the darkness, Chris fell and had to retire from the festivities and I was left guiding two young trick or treaters around the neighborhood while she returned to the house with the youngest goblin.

Looking out of the windows in the living room, the right side of the house as we look at it, there was a spectacular view of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and were able to watch the ever changing weather patterns. Some of the more spectacular lightening storms are still etched into my memory. We took the mountain view almost for granted and have never lived any where with so stunning a view since.

There were trips to the mountains on the weekends and visits from family. It was a busy, but short time in our lives. And it seems so long ago.

Here's to the memories, may the good times never be forgotten.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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