Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stump Today, Gone Tomorrow

Invariably, it seems, we lose trees in the yard due to storms or disease. Last year we lost my plum trees due to disease. I was very sad about the loss--but dutifully removed the trees from the yard--except for the stumps.

The stumps were significant. Not something easily removed with hand tools.

We had tried the epsom salt idea by drilling holes and hopefully speeding the natural decay of the stump--but it wasn't fast enough.

Enter, the stump grinder.

An awesome 25hp machine designed to do one thing--replace the stun with a hole.

I have used the grinder before. I love using "heavy" equipment in my yard to make difficult projects disappear.

This experience was no different. In a very short time two significant stumps were removed and in their places were holes to be filled in with the wood and dirt removed. 

And what nice holes they are!

No more stumps!

Refill and plant grass for a nice obstruction free yard. I won't have to worry about the boys tripping over the stumps are they race through the yard anymore.

On to the next project. I think a chipper may be involved!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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