Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dogs, Everywhere are Dogs

Sometimes it seems that animals just appear from nowhere. That is happening with my family lately.

Mike with Anna--formerly MJR Angie
Over the weekend, Nicole, my daughter, and her family adopted a rescue greyhound. Wow. What a shocker. What a great dog. I was able to watch her racing history--five short races, and from knowing her I understand why she was not a good racing greyhound. She raced as MJR Angie. She was just happy to be on the track running. I had to laugh as she raced--she is such a gentle spirit and it comes through in her racing. The story of how she adopted, yup I wrote she adopted, my daughter's family is great. I guess people were watching the dog with Nicole and the boys.

Last evening, I met another potential addition to the extended family--a three month old great dane puppy! What a cutie--they are test driving the pup--which could top out near 200 pounds! At only three months old, he already made a loud thud on the floor when he walled. I didn't get a picture of him--but he was a beautiful dog--not yet as large as the pony he will soon become.

I'm sure we will find out how the test drive went. He is a puppy!

More to follow, I am sure. And maybe even some pictures.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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