Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snarled Traffic on the Rain Swept Roads

Last evening's drive after work was an experience I hope not to repeat soon. My usual 15 minute trip extended to almost 45 minutes because the snarled traffic. The Parkway was jammed and then my next road, Route 100,  was not moving presumably because I-95 was also at a stand still and there just wasn't anywhere for the traffic to go. 

The lights of the cars reflecting off the rain drenched road were strangely fascinating. I took the image while stopped on Route 100--waiting for whatever it was I was waiting for and for which I never discovered. 

The cars and lights were blurred in an almost impressionist painting style, except that I was expected to drive home in the storm. The dark sky of the early evening, it was only just about 5 PM, reminded me that this was winter's calling card.

Storms in Maryland bring out the worst in drivers. As I was waiting in the traffic looking at the long line ahead trying to merge, I was amazed that a mail truck, yup USPS, drove on the shoulder to until where the traffic was joining and then muscled into the lane. My guess is that the driver was late getting back to the post office and wasn't getting authorized overtime. The driver certainly was not delivering the mail.

Dangerous decisions fueled by frustration.

Be careful, its a jungle out there.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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