Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dinner on The Porch

November Dinner--An Autumn Offering
I was reflecting upon the beginning of the month, and I remembered that on last Friday, November 1st, the temperatures were so mild that Chris and I celebrated the beginning of the weekend by eating dinner on the deck. Yes, it was that warm and clear. A great day.

At that time we noticed that the trees had really dropped most of their leaves in two short days. From peak color to no color in 24 hours. Autumn is progressing at an incredibly rapid pace. 

The seasons, in general, seem to be flying by at an ever increasing pace. It is almost hard to keep up with them. The food we are eating has also begin to transition. More creamy soups and harvest dishes like apples and squash. 

I guess we are hunkering down for the winter season which is too rapidly approaching. 

Dinner on the back deck was a treat--the moderate temperatures and the fire pit provided a special atmosphere to reflect upon the week that flew by too fast.

I am going to work in darkness and now coming home with the darkness as well as the daylight winds down towards the winter solstice. I wish it would come and be over.

But a nice dinner on the deck was a reminder of the good times past and the adventures yet to come. Maybe it helped that we were discussing our summer plans.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD 

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