Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Philippines Typhoon: A Chance to Come Together for Good

The countries of the world have another opportunity to lay aside their differences for a period and come together to render aid to the devastated Philippine people. The images of the devastation left by the typhoon leave no doubt that aid is needed, and now. It makes me feel good that even with a congress in disarray, the US is in the forefront of the efforts to assist survivors. 

I was appalled to read that the aid convoys are coming under attack even while they are attempting to help the people who have lost everything. But, no matter the location, there are always people who are only looking out for themselves or trying to get ahead at the expense of their neighbors.

Everything I read indicates the situation is dire and getting worse. An article from Aljazeera describes the early stages of the relief effort. It describes the aid efforts of the UN, US, Australia, Britain, Japan, the European Community, and even China. I read another item which indicated that Taiwan also had people on the ground providing assistance. 

The Philippine people are in desperate need and I am glad to see the world mobilizing to help.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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