Sunday, November 17, 2013

Affordable Care Act Debate

I watched NBC's Meet the Press and the former Speaker of the House was trying to defend what happened in 2009 to get "Obama-care" passed in terms of the current crisis of people receiving cancellation notices for their current policies.

I am struck by a phrase that I have heard in the past: "How do you know that a politician is lying?"  Answer?  "Their lips are moving."

This politician redefined every major point under contention that for which the President has already apologized. Over one million people in California have received cancellation notices for their plans and she maintains that they really have not received cancellation notices. Somehow, the politician maintained that they really weren't cancellation notices.

I guess if the politician wants to say its not true, then it really isn't. I have heard other politicians around the world make similar statements about factually know historic events.

NBC played a clip from the debate to get the Act passed and it went something like: We need to pass this legislation so that we can see what's in it. I found it on You Tube.


Bob's view: We have the Affordable Care Act. It is not perfect, but we have it. Let's correct the deficiencies and make the act work for the American people rather than allowing it continue being another divisive issue.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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