Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tight Money and the 4th of July

One of the headlines in the Washington Post this morning was about towns canceling their annual fireworks celebrations due to lack of funding.

I remember, not too many years ago, when we were living north of Pittsburgh and were driving home along the Ohio River on the 4th after going to a local fireworks display. We actually stopped along side the river to watch the numerous fireworks displays which could be seen from our vantage point up and down the river. It was a beautiful sight and reminded us of our freedom and the way we Americans pride ourselves in celebrating our nation's birth.

What a sad point we have gotten to in the intervening years.

Is it apathy? Or is the mood in our country so grim that we dare not celebrate.

I love fireworks and the colors and the sounds they make.

We must not lose this piece of our heritage--it is one of those things that binds us together as Americans--that magical, hot summer day in July of 1776 when our founding fathers said no to taxes and repression.

It's almost like they said: "Bring it on!"

No matter how bad the economy gets--we must not let that spirit if independence fade away. It is what sets us, as Americans, apart form the rest of the world. It is one of the few unifying celebrations we have left in this world of political correctness.

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