Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Musings - June 15, 2009

1. Warm summery days, lounging in the pool, getting some sun, catching Ethan as he leaps off the diving board with reckless abandon are things to be remembered.

2. I love the heavy wet smell of the earth after a summer rain when the sun has increased the humidity level to about 100 percent.

3. The day after my team wins a championship is a real downer--because it means the season is over. Go Pens!

4. If find the difference between Pro Hockey and Basketball to be obvious during the fan celebrations after Championships are won. Riots after Basketball and cheering and parades after Hockey. I wonder if the players contribute to the thuggish nature of basketball even though it is in hockey where actually has fights break out between the players during the games?

5. Seems as if the President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, went to the Chicago school of winning elections. Keep the polls open until all of the dead people get a chance to vote.

6. To all of us who are wondering how the government is going to pay for all the bail outs--look no further than your pocketbook. Can you spell T-A-X?

7. How will a tax on health benefits work? If I'm unhealthy--do I escape the tax? But if we must all have health benefits--and I don't, I must get a government sponsored plan--so they can tax me? On my benefits that I didn't have? What's wrong with this picture?

8. Dogs are funny. They act just a badly as we let them or just as good as we expect. Hmmm--so dogs are kids?

9. I loved the opening line in the Washington Post on Saturday morning about the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup over the Red wings which read something like: the expected coronation turned into a passing of the torch.

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