Friday, June 12, 2009

Can Penguins Fly?

Hockey--Penguins--Red Wings

I must confess--I have not been this excited about a championship game since a very long time. Maybe it was when Maryland and then Syracuse won National championships in Basketball.
But I am excited now.
Game Seven of the Stanley Cup finals. 60 minutes from the Cup.
A young, hungry team versus an older experienced hockey machine and the youngsters need to win this on one the road.
It has the makings of a movie on the order of "Slap Shot" --- just kidding.
The names are beginning to become household words--"Sid the Kid", Geno, the Flower.
I write this before the game--just to document the level of excitement. I even swapped out my O's tickets for tonight to watch the game.
And yes--when the Pens play hockey, penguins do fly!

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