Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pens WIN the Stanley Cup

Just to remember the feeling of cheering for an underdog champion--here are some quotes from the news:

As the final six seconds of game seven tick away and a desperate Red Wings team makes their final assault on tying the game:

• Jim Hughson, "Hockey Night in Canada": "Jordan Staal, Henrik Zetterberg again. Scramble, draw comes to the point. Rafalski shoots ... knocked down in a mad scramble! Lidstrom shoots and a tremendous save by Fleury! They've done it! The Penguins have done it! Sidney Crosby and the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup!"

• Doc Emrick, NBC: "Off the tie-up, it comes back to the point. Rafalski the shot ... knocked down in front! Scramble ... Lidstrom the shot and the save by Fleury! The horn sounds and the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup!"

And the comments about the game:

The torch has been passed. From Mario Lemieux, the heart and soul of this franchise, to a new generation of wondrous talent. Let the dynasty talk begin. And, yes, a dynasty is in the offing.
Bob Smizik, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"But the core of their teams is remarkably intact and if you believe strength down the middle is a key to winning championships, both look set for years to come.
Ken Campbell, The Hockey News

On Monday afternoon:

Tens of thousands of Pittsburgh Penguins fans are lining downtown streets as the team and the cup make their way through the city in a victory parade. Team owner Mario Lemieux helped lead off the parade in a white convertible and players are following in trucks and convertibles waving to the cheering crowds.

People are standing 20-deep on some streets and throwing black and gold confetti from multi-level parking garages. Many are wearing team jerseys and holding homemade aluminum foil replicas of the prized cup.

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