Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Musings - 1 June 2009

1. I can't believe I blinked and missed two whole weeks of fun. Time really does fly--or is it that you don't worry so much about it when you begin to get older? It's kinda like the end of a ballgame as the clock is winding down--the more you worry about how much time is left the less you can do something about it.

2. Having two keeshonden in the house for the past week was fun. Lots of hair and fur, but fun.

3. The pool is nice when it's warm. But when the water is warmer than the air--look out when you get out!

4. We survived the second rainiest May on record for the Baltimore area. Hopefully, the sun will begin to shine and the daily temperatures will climb. But it sure is nice not to pay BGE to help keep the house cool.

5. Grass grows really, really fast in this weather.

6. Graduation season is a good reason to throw a party and get together. And many parties are even better.

7. I attended my first house concert Saturday night--I didn't even know what that was, but being that close to the performers and being able to chat with them over munchies is really fun.

8. Why does it seem that then umber of things that need to be done is so much greater than the time available to do them?

9. When you read on the side of a plant that it is 72 days for mature fruit--is that from when the flower sets or when the plant germinated?

10. I can't believe it's June already--it seems like just yesterday that the leaves were bursting out on the trees. And I even remember celebrating the first lawn mowing of the season. Now it has already become a weekly chore.

11. My favorite teams went 0-4 for the weekend. Really put a dampener on my spirits after a great week before which saw the O's sweep Toronto and the Pens sweep Carolina. Still--it is pretty good for the week with the O's going 5-2 on the home stand and the Pens in the Stanley Cup--I guess there is an upside.

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