Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Let Winter Back?

OK--I'm looking for the person or persons who decided that warm temperatures were not allowed!

A potentially beautiful three-day weekend was destroyed by freezing temperatures. It was soooooo cold!

There is this large tree laying in the yard waiting to be cut up--too cold!

I need to buy a chainsaw---too cold to use it so why buy it?!

The storm last week blew leaves into the pool area and around the fence line again that need to be removed--- too cold!

The yard needs to be prepped for Springtime--too cold!

The gardens need to have the leaves removed---too cold!

The water level in the pool needs to be lowered---too cold!

Take Makayla for a walk--too cold!! (but it had to be done, the consequences are just too much to bear)

Put air in Chris's tire---too cold!! (but I did it anyway)

Go to the grocery store---too cold!! (this could become a problem at some point!)

Get the picture?

On the other hand--I did get the taxes filed! A whole month earlier than last year. I hate tax time. I'm reminded how much we pay in taxes and wonder what we get for it. It seems I pay taxes so others can get benefits. Hmmmmm!

I did take a great nap!

But really--let's turn the warmth back on to stifle the outrageous electric bills we have been getting and get back to some outside living.

I was able to brave the cold and barbecue some burgers last night. It was fun to watch Makayla run around the pool area and onto the pool cover. Boy is she in for a surprise in a couple months.

We have had a taste of Springtime--now let's turn on the warmth and sunshine and begin to live outside again!

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