Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Makayla in the Snow and Palm Trees on the Corner

Makayla is getting so big. This picture was taken last month in the snow--but I noticed how much bigger she has gotten the other night--now all I need to do is get a newer picture of her.
My, how the time does fly. Less than two months ago on Christmas Day she was a really little puppy lying in my lap, scared and totally disoriented. Now? She is the terror of the house!
I also noted that after my rant yesterday about the cold that Winter decided to show me real cold and delivered some snow today.
Thanks. I guess that will teach me to complaining about one of the three things that we can't do anything about: Death, Taxes, or the Weather.
And don't get me going about the taxes.
I'm glad the government has so much money to give away. I looked at the number the other day. You know, if they just gave every American $200,000 and said get out of debt and go spend it--I bet the economy would turn around real quick. And it would be cheaper than the $800,000,000,000 we're spending (by $200B). (do the math, 300,000,000 Americans times $200,000 each)
The way they're doing it now, someone is going to get rich(er) and the rest of us will get poor(er) by paying taxes for those getting rich(er).
As for me? I know I'd buy a nice Dive Boat in Key West and retire there with my dog--and if the wife wanted to come along--so much the better! I dream of Palm Trees on the corners.

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