Saturday, February 28, 2009

Be the Big Dog and the Circle of Life

Oh--the size and speed difference. I love it when the big dog comes to play. I get a chance to see what Makayla may grow in to. Ben is Jeremy's Keeshond--and he is both beautiful and well mannered.

It is always a lot of fun to see the dogs play together. And they do play.

They play hard and fast and constantly. I love seeing how tired Makayla is from playing with Ben. I'm sure Ben is a tired puppy too--after playing so hard with Makayla.

A--the joys of puppy hood. Our neighbor noticed how big Makayla is getting and remarked that she won't be a puppy much longer. I don't know though. I mean--I think I'm still a youngster and I'm sure it is the same for dogs. They don't even know they are getting older. One day, Makayla will be the big dog for some young pup--just like people become grandparents for young ones.

And maybe she'll think--wasn't it only yesterday I was chasing the big dog? And now I'm it.

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