Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Friends: A Boy and a Dog

Ethan and Makayla--who would have thought it?

But an overnight with Gramma brings out the best of everyone and this was one of the funniest. Ethan dragging Makayla firmly clutching her snake across the floor. And both of them were having a great time.

Who knew that a small dog and a small boy could be such good playmates.

Up until Saturday, Ethan's total interaction with Makayla was to say, "NO" whenever she got near him. I admit--she is a bit toothy as a puppy. I should know, I have puppy tooth marks everywhere as I am training her "no teeth!"

The funny part is that Makayla wanted Ethan to pull her across the floor. They did this action on multiple occasions and Makayla was always asking for more.

And so did Ethan.

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