Monday, February 9, 2009

A Taste of What is to Come

I love summer--everyone knows that. This past weekend provided a foretaste of what is on the way. We had a very Springlike weekend which allowed most of the ice to melt and provided temperatures in the 60's.


And we got some of the critical pre-Springtime outside work done--for instance cutting down the ornamental grasses which line the the fence surrounding the pool. This task--which is not a lot of fun, is one of those annual maintenance tasks which results in summertime beauty--lots of green. It also reminds us that Winter is waning, although not gone.

Makayla enjoyed being outside with us--but had to be confined within the fence line because she has that puppy nose for wandering. We are still working with her on some of those basic commands like: NO and COME. Yeah--she is really a puppy now and trying to push those limits to see how far we will let her go.

She starts puppy school on March 18th at Petsmart.

Working outside in just a shirt was fabulous though. The mud was a bit hard to deal with-- but still I'm glad we did not let the day escape without enjoying the sun and the warmth.

But warmth and Springtime are within sight--although I'm sure Winter will remind us that it is still around at least once more.

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