Friday, June 20, 2008

Make Another Rainbow Pop-pop

The blue eyes, highlighted by the red hair pierced deep into my soul as I was standing outside talking to a neighbor after just showing Ethan the beauty of rainbows following an afternoon sun shower. He stood there looking at me and said: "Make another rainbow, Pop-pop!" The rainbows had faded, being replaced by the dark clouds. Ethan was fascinated by the colors of the rainbows and he correctly named each one. Many times. It was something different and occurring so closely on the heels of defeating three dragons, an alligator, and a wolf it really made for a memorable afternoon.

What do I say? I was momentarily panicked. Here was this three-year old thinking I could do anything, if I wanted to do it. I had pointed out the rainbow to him when I saw the shower appear. And it was a rare triple rainbow with another rainbow above it--they were truly something special. The family had gathered on the front step of the house to look at the rainbows--Ethan, me, his mother, Chris (gramma), and baby Jax .

Wow--I thought quickly, I really need to say the right thing. Those blue eyes still peering intently at me, waiting for an answer. And then it hit me--tell Ethan the truth.


Ethan, I said, Pop-pop can't make rainbows, God makes rainbows and he made the ones we just saw. And sometime soon you will see another rainbow. And God will have made that one, too. Enjoy it when you see it.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, that was really sweeet!

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