Monday, June 30, 2008

E armed with a camera

OK--it was a great weekend in upstate NY attending Troy's graduation. And we had a great time. Did you ever wonder what would happen if a three-year old were armed with a camera? During the family party for Troy, to celebrate both

his graduation from high school and his 18th birthday, Ethan decided to take some pictures. He has an interesting perspective on the world. He was fun to watch, because he would look into the viewfinder and click the camera and when the image showed he announced: "Got it!"

Well, here are a couple of Ethan's photos to give you an idea of his very different perspective. The world is very different when you are three. And I am glad that Ethan captured his view of the world for us at the party this weekend. At least Jackson didn't seem to mind the attention. And we will all be able to remember E's feet and toes. He does have a movement issue when he snaps the images, but seeing these images reminds me how much fun he was to watch looking for things to take pictures of.

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