Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ethan -- Dragon Hunter

Yesterday, I took a short walk through a jungle near Piney Orchard. Jungle in Maryland, you ask? The jungle was in the mind of Ethan, my three-year old grandson, but we were on a real walk around the neighborhood and along a path through a thicket of trees. During our short outing, Ethan single-handedly saved me and his grandmother from three dragons, a huge alligator, and a wolf. There may have been a brief encounter with a dinosaur--but I don't remember many of the specifics.

Interestingly, you can defeat fire-breathing dragons by spraying them with water--they shrink--much like the wicked witch of the west. It was a scary experience (and a lot of fun) running through the ultra creative mind of a three-year old. He was very brave in attacking and defeating the fierce fire-breathing dragons. He charged forward like a knight from the old tales into the jaws of fire armed with only his hose.

Ethan marched on into the jaws of impending doom--only to vanquish the evil and fiery dragon. Then, after defeating not one, but three dragons were were attacked by a giant alligator. Ethan sensed that the alligator would not be defeated by water alone, so he chose a different course of action--RUN! And we did. We only outran the alligator after leaving the jungle and returning to the placid neighborhood where he lives.

But wait--then a large wolf chased us and threatened to blow not only Ethan's house down, but the whole block! Unfortunately for the wolf, Ethan was prepared and he outran the wolf into the safety of his waiting mother's arms--who was unloading groceries. It was an experience not to be missed and helped to change my outlook on another stressful day. At least I'm not facing three dragons, a giant alligator, and a giant wolf at work! Whew! I bet Ethan slept well last night after all of that hard work!

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