Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day - 2008

A day to celebrate Fathers. And my family really knows how to celebrate.

My Father's Day celebration began on Saturday night at the O's game with Jeremy. He bought everything that evening to make me happy. Beer and meat! What more do I need to say.

The celebration continued Sunday when my lovely wife made me breakfast in my favorite chair (I hate eating in bed--you sleep with the crumbs for days). She also bought me a beautiful, and manly watch. It has palm trees on it. You get the message. She also made my favorite cake--pineapple upside down.

After church the real celebration began. Tina and Patrick cleaned, waxed, and detailed the Jaguar (formerly known as Kitty). That was a very appreciated and unexpected gift.

Nicole and Mike bought me a cool, new O's T-shirt--which is really important since most of mine are old and I've used them to work on the cars. You get the picture.

The family assembled for the day--everyone was there, excepting Jeremy who works Sundays (he sent Ben as a stand-in). The grandsons were both in good moods for the day and Mike and I watched the O's lose--another heartbreaking Sunday loss. Patrick, Tina, and I build a hood for their fish tank and Chris--she cooked all day to make everyone happy. Nicole and Nicole watched the boys and helped out.
The pool was awesome and we all had a great time in the fantastic weather.
Thanks everyone--you made the day special.

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