Tuesday, June 17, 2008

End of the Year Party

We hosted the end of the year party for the Seventh Grade Team at Lime Kiln Middle School yesterday. Unfortunately, a passing thunderstorm ended the party early--but it was a great celebration of the year and there was much talk about next year--already.

But it's only June, you say! Yes, but for the Howard County teachers, the school year is thankfully over and summer is upon them. I, of course, am not a teacher--but I too enjoy summer and having Chris around more to do the things that she finds important. What does she find important? Well, she's off to Salt Lake City on Saturday for five days with our daughter Nicole.

Then when she returns next week, on Thursday we are off to Ithaca for our nephew's graduation from venerable Ithaca High School. Coincidentally, we were going to attend our 35th anniversary of graduating from Ithaca High School that same weekend--but the two party's clashed and we decided the new trumps the old.

We return from Ithaca on Sunday, June 29th and on Saturday of that week--July 5th we are off to Florida for two weeks and our favorite spot in Jupiter. And I love Jupiter and getting away from it all. And get this--since we were bugularized within the past month, we don't even need to worry about the house. All the good stuff is already gone!
We return on the 18th of July and head off to a wedding on the 19th. And then, I guess, Chris gets a couple weeks of rest. Of course, I go back to work!
Ah, summer vacation. Where is the rest and relaxation exactly?

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