Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holiday Weekend Driving

I do not enjoy driving on holiday weekends. Let me just get that out right up front.

Traffic in my area is awful--meaning lots of traffic and slow progress. Too many drivers on the road and too many impatient people behind the wheel. Bad things happen. 

Add to that the threats from the police departments. Yea, they are threats.

Click it or ticket.

No cell phone use.

Speed Limits Photo Enforced.

Speed limit enforced by aircraft. (I've always loved this one as I can imagine some really cool scenarios) 

Big brother is truly watching us far closer than we truly imagine. Why is it that the true offenders that we all see screaming past us on the highway never seem to be stopped?

Now add to the mixture a potential east coast hurricane and this weekend should really be a pleasant drive.

Oh, did I mention the price gouging at the gas pump. Gas went up 4 cents a gallon last week and I expect them to go up another nickel today.

All of this makes the holiday driving experience one to be forgotten. Sadly. Because except for the mess on the highways, holidays are really fun times--usually.

For this holiday weekend, I am home! A small family get together around the pool dodging the rain from Hurricane Arthur, and some relaxation as the summer vacation season gets into full swing!

Enjoy the weekend! Enjoy the holiday.

Be safe and be smart! Drive defensively. 

Avoid the DC area because the traffic snarl should be in full swing by about 10 AM.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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