Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Out the Hotel Window - Denver, CO May 2014

Denver in the Distance, May 2014
Different month, different window and a vastly different view, that is what I found as I from my hotel near the Denver airport.

I saw the mountains and the skyline of the great metropolis of Denver in the distance. They were calling to me--off in the not so distance.
After the Storm

It was hazy and cloudy. A deluge occurred yesterday afternoon which left the still barren field draining water as quickly as it could and for hours after the storm. The amount of water that fell from the sky was amazing.
Morning Clouds Hide the Mountains

And this very morning, the mountains are completely hidden from view by the clouds.  

The views outside of my window for this trip were certainly different and they changed--almost by the hour.

This morning, I can still see the standing water in the field which is a reminder of yesterday's torrential storm.

I hope the weather today is better.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Denver, Colorado

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