Sunday, May 18, 2014

"And they're off . . . "

California Chrome Winning the Preakness
I watch two horse races per year--The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness. I usually lose interest after The Preakness because the possibility of a Triple Crown winner has ended.

Not so this year.

California Chrome has my interest and the possibility of finally crowning a Triple Crown winner rests on his broad shoulders.

The story is not just of the horse, but of the owners as well. Their story is recounted in a New York Times article. They are hard working people not part of the usual elitist horse racing owners crowd. The story of one of the owners, Carolyn Coburn, really demonstrates that these are horse lovers, not just horse owners and racers. 
Racing for the finish at the Preakness

In the article, Carolyn gives some insight as to how these owners view their horse:

“We were walking with Chrome at the Derby, bringing him out to the paddock, and Steve [one of the owners] stepped aside,” Carolyn said. “He didn’t say, ‘Make him win.’ He said, ‘Keep him safe.’ ”

I am beginning to believe California Chrome may be the horse to claim the Triple Crown. I remember when Secretariat won, it was an exciting time, he won after 25 years without a Triple Crown winner. It has been 36 years since the last Triple Crown winner (Affirmed)--and perhaps this horse of the people can write a new chapter of history. 

This year, I will be watching The Belmont Stakes--and cheering for California Chrome and his owners to claim the elusive Triple Crown.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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